The best sources for medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are coconut oil and pure butter.  The myth that all dietary fats are bad for our health is dying a slow death, but few newly educated scientist would argue against the many health benefits of essential fatty acids including MCT.  The protective role that MCT plays in brain development and health has been documented for over 50 years, in fact most seizure disorders can improve or go away from increasing MCT and ketones in the diet.

An important part of the metabolic control of cancer is to eat the essential fatty acids that strengthen and protect our noncancerous cells while depriving the cancer cell of metabolic energy.  We have recommended a simple diet that takes the best of the pioneering work from Dr. Max Gerson and others to metabolically inhibit cancer growth.

  1. Eat a diet of quality proteins and low glycemic index fresh vegetables and fruits, cooked in as much pure butter and coconut oil as you can tolerate. Avoid charred meats and cured meats.
  2. Spice up your diet with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer herbs and spices like Turmeric (curcumin), Rosemary, Papaya Seed ‘Pepper’, and Green and Black Teas. Individual cancers may benefit from other specialized herbs and spices.
  3. Simple blender method juicing with live culture yogurt or cottage cheese 25% volume mixed with coconut oil or butter/ghee 15% volume, Flax oil 10% volume, almonds/tree nuts, berries and low glycemic fruit 25% and filtered water 25%. You can vary this mixture to suit your liking and tolerability.  I suggest slowly increasing the oil content as tolerated.