The main issue with putting a person living with cancer on a high-protein, low carbohydrate diet to induce ketosis and ‘starve’ the cancer of its source of sugar fuels, is that a high-protein diet puts a great strain on the liver and kidneys of anyone doing the high-protein ketogenic diet and especially stresses people weakened from cancer and toxic treatments for cancer (chemotherapy).  This happens because the high-protein diet produces high levels of metabolic waste and even some sugar, so it doesn’t ‘starve’ the cancer the way hundreds of websites seem to suggest.

The good news is that there is a different (and completely safe) diet that induces ketosis without producing metabolic waste products that stress the liver and kidneys.  A diet that is high in essential, healthy fatty acids and restricted in protein and carbohydrates in theory would produce the desired ketones and ‘starve’ the cancer of fuel from carbohydrate and protein conversion to glucose and other sugars.

The Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) protects the body from being depleted of essential amino acids while inducing ketone production.  The interesting and unique features of MAP are that the “Net Nitrogen Utilization for Body Protein Synthesis” is 99% while dietary protein NNU is only 16% to 32% depending on the protein source.  The MAP also absorbs in the body in 23 minutes compared to 2-6 hours for other proteins.  Taking MAP while on a high fatty acid diet ketogenic diet will maintain a safe healthy nitrogen balance.