Oxaloacetate is an obscure molecule that plays a role in energy production. Researchers have learned that it can also remove excess glutamate from the bloodstream. Glutamate can cause extensive brain damage in the event of a stroke or concussion, and it is a preferred fuel for many different types of cancer cells. Oxaloacetate’s removal of glutamate has a protective effect against these hazards.


Oxaloacetate increases energy production:

Cells can produce energy in two different ways. The more primitive, less effective method is glycolysis. The more advanced and efficient method is oxidative phosphorylation. This occurs in the mitochondria, and it produces eight times more energy than glycolysis—while using the same amount of fuel.[1] Oxaloacetate is an important part of the metabolic cycle that allows oxidative phosphorylation to occur. Without this molecule, cells are forced to rely more heavily on glycolysis.[2] This can lead to decreased production of energy and a decreased supply of blood sugar. In fact, studies indicate that a lack of oxaloacetate can cause energy production to fall by nearly 500%.[3]


Oxaloacetate starves cancer:

Cancerous cells rely on simple sugars and glutamate for their fuel supply, and this is especially true for brain tumors.[4] Glutamate also allows cancer cells to grow and divide.[5] When simple sugars and glutamate are abundant, cancer cells can produce more energy. This makes them more capable of spreading and more resistant to treatment. Fortunately, studies have shown that the consumption of an oxaloacetate supplement can decrease blood glutamate levels by 40%.[6,7] This leads to a reduction of tumor size and invasiveness.[8] Furthermore, patients who are given an oxaloacetate supplement experience an increased survival rate of 237%.[8]


Oxaloacetate reduces brain trauma:

In addition to its use as a cancer fuel, glutamate can also trigger the excitation of neurons.[9] This is especially dangerous to stroke victims, and over time, it causes damage to brain cells. However, as oxaloacetate removes glutamate from the bloodstream, glutamate in the brain and spinal fluid is forced to exit, as well.[10] This allows the brain to recover from strokes and traumatic injuries.[10] Without glutamate, neurons can naturally restore their long-term potentiation, allowing the cells to transmit signals more quickly, which leads to faster neural communication and improved brain function.

CRONaxel is a US FDA registered combination of oxaloacetate and ascorbic acid for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic imbalances associated with certain cancers. (Oxaloacetate has the designation as an “orphan drug 12-3704” for the treatment of neuro-endocrine and glial tumors.)

CRONaxel can be combined with other forms of cancer treatment.  Studies show that oral oxaloacetate improved survival in people living with cancer.

CRONaxel works through two mechanisms to fight cancer.

  1. Simple Biochemistry: Oxaloacetate combines with excess glutamate to form the brain protective compound alpha-ketoglutarate.  Glutamate overproduction has been tied directly to the growth of malignant gliomas.
  2. Oxaloacetate is a “calorie restriction mimetic” and it is a ketone. Ketogenic diets have been used to improve the outcome of many cancers.

CRONaxel has been studied to be synergistic with several chemotherapy treatments such as Temodar, Everolimus, Cabozantinab, Carboplatin, Nilotinab and Avastin… 



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