Prepare-Well Foods

“The wise store up choice food and olive oil, but fools gulp theirs down.” –Proverbs 21:20


If you have never given thought to how you will keep your family alive and thriving with healthy food in the event of a disaster, then you might want to seriously consider looking at our emergency food storage kits.

In The Bahamas we know how to store up food for natural disasters such as hurricanes. Yet, most families barely have enough non-perishable food to survive more than a few days and fight to get food at the grocery store every year when a storm approaches, when sadly, they should be spending that valuable time doing other work to protect their family. Why not have a compact food storage system in place that will help your family thrive for months in any storm?

It is not only natural disasters that are a certainty in the coming years. Everyone knows the banking and economic system is very sick and it is only a matter of time before we reach the crossroads of a major economic crisis. When this happens, food shipments will stop, medication shipments will stop.

Then, there are all the boat captains and weekend boaters who foolishly set out to sea without a survival food storage system that is spoilage and water proof enough to keep them all alive for at least 3 days minimum. Why risk that?


We sell an emergency food storage system, Prepare-Well Foods, that has the following unique and life thriving features not found in any competitor system:

  1. Our Prepare-Well Food storage system has the best value with the highest quality calorie per dollar cost ratio.
  2. Our Prepare-Well Foods are not genetically modified and we have delicious gluten-free and vegetarian selections.
  3. They are packaged in easy to prepare (just add water), water-proof Mylar packages, double protected in air tight plastic containers.
  4. They are easy to store, compact and portable planned meal systems.
  5. They are prepared with a unique freeze dry and dehydration system.
  6. They are packaged with a patented nitrogen vacuum system in strong Mylar packages.


Whether it is for your family at home or your work on a boat, please consult with us at the Family Wellness Centre regarding starting your emergency food survival storage system. We have a variety of meal plan kits with healthy, delicious and easy to prepare meals that feed up to four people and last between three days and one month. Depending on your family’s needs, you should start building your Prepare-Well Food System today.

Don’t be like the average person who lets their family eat junk food and snacks on the days you can’t find the time to cook a healthy meal; or worse, don’t be that person who has to survive on junk food because it was all that you could fight for at the store in a true disaster!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can always eat these delicious meals on planned camping trips, beach parties or quick fix healthy meals for those days you just don’t have the energy to fix your family a healthy meal.


“A prudent man sees danger coming and takes refuge, but the simple man keeps going and suffers for it.” –Proverbs 22:3