There are many ways to categorise foods: by nutritional content, such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals; or by source, like vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and grains, for example.

Then, there are the hundreds of diet plans that promise all sorts of miracles, none of them working for most people as the diet claims.

I find that the best way to sort food and diet is by function. Food is supposed to strengthen our physiological functions. When someone has a disease or illness, they generally have lost some physiological function. My goal is to restore optimal physiological function. Thus, I prescribe specific nutritional supplements and foods that are intended to restore function.

A good history of symptoms and function for a functional medicine trained doctor is often enough to identify what functional foods are needed to help restore health. However, sometimes laboratory testing is needed to fine tune and optimize health. Sometimes a client’s health is so devastated and abused that testing might help to prioritize what physiological functions need feeding first. Then, there is always the fact that one man’s food is another man’s poison. No one diet plan or food grouping is going to work for everyone.

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