About Freeport Family Wellness Centre

Our Mission:
To actively innovate functional medicine so that it can be applied to as many people as possible in a personalised program.


Tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your health, we will do our best to help.


In our highly compartmentalized modern medical system it is difficult to find a doctor who will have the broad experience in most areas of medicine, and the understanding of how to integrate this information in order to allow you to access the vitally important action you need to improve your complex medical illnesses. Dr. Bethel and the team at the Family Wellness Centre are active in several board certificated fields of advanced medicine. We can make sure that you do not miss out on any of the powerful advanced medical therapies we offer our clients that are simply not available anyplace else in one location.


Most standard-of-care medical systems are being stripped of the emotional connections that are vital to the healing process.   Dr. Bethel and his team will help you compassionately connect the emotional roots of your illness while introducing you to all the medical therapies that can help you recover some of your lost functional health.


At the practical core of Dr. Bethel’s philosophy is a meticulous attention to details that he is continuously researching along with some of the top scientist in the world with the goal of applying these very practical medical therapies to your uniquely complicated situation. Dr. Bethel has the innovation mind-set to adapt cutting edge pre-clinical science in a detailed clinical protocol well in advance of the average standard-of-care clinician.


Dr. Bethel and his team can not personally administer every therapy that has the potential to restore your functional health, BUT, Dr. Bethel is connected with the knowledge of where you can access the most powerful therapies. Sometimes this may require that you travelling to see Dr. Bethel or it may be that he refer you to a specialist offering the therapy you need most in your situation…Sometimes that advanced care specialist is in your home town, but, because the technology is so new, most doctors don’t know enough about it to even think to suggest it for you, even when it could save your life. Dr. Bethel is not confined to follow the heard of average doctors, but he can help you get above average care from your standard-of-care medical system.


At the Family Wellness Centre you are part of a uniquely enjoyable social community that is networked with the top researchers and most experienced functional medicine doctors from all over the world. Our network of doctors is connected in a way that allows you access to the fun new therapies often made popular by our celebrities and sports heroes.

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If you would like Dr. Bethel and his professional team to review the details of your social-emotional and medical situation and then present an action plan for you to maximize your full potential for a healthy functional recovery, (Even when other doctors have offered limited hope!)…Please contact Dr Bethel by filling in the basic registration on our website. Someone on his team will contact you. When you are contacted you will be asked a few questions and then you will be asked to submit some pertinent medical records for Dr. Bethel to start carefully designing an action plan.

There is a consultation fee required to access the health action plan that Dr. Bethel will present to you, but, there is no fee for you to contact Dr. Bethel and submit your medical details through a confidential fax line or direct email service.

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